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Air Mask: Poems of Passion, Love, Life & Survival

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“Jamie Barlow leans over the gas tank of her Harley, pushing it into turns at speeds significantly above the posted 50 mph limit. As the farmhouses and occasional trailers blur by the roadside, she knows a sixty-something helmetless widow ripping down these back roads like an escaped convict will cause some tongues to wag. She doesn’t care. Let them talk. They always had. They always would.”

Air Mask is included in the permanent collection of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Columbia University and also, the Denver Art Museum's AIGA Design Archives.

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Silent is the Magpie

MS is hard on everyone–the person who lives with the disease and those who live with the person with the disease. Its toll on family caregivers can be especially hard. As a wife and caregiver, Vanita knows exactly how hard it can be. She's captured those experiences and emotions in Air Mask, her first book of poetry.

Air Mask is a record of trial and triumph, both Vanita's and her husband's. It reaches out to those who have been tested by the daily struggles of living with multiple sclerosis and other chronic diseases.

"Truth Lies Ahead on the Road. Searching it out is what makes life real."

- Vanita Oelschlager

Newburn Drive Press is the newest leap into the publishing world from national award-winning author Vanita Oelschlager. Five years after starting VanitaBooks, her successful children’s book publishing company, Newburn Drive Press launched with her first novel, Silent Is The Magpie and includes her first book of poetry, Air Mask.

Available now! Vanita scores again with her newest book, Signposts on the Road to Wellville. Signposts is an illustrated journal packed with deeply personal observations and inspirational quotes from Vanita and several notable authors, mystics and humanitarians. Created as an encouragement guide for the road to recovery, Signposts on the Road to Wellville inspires, prompts and encourages readers to "Journal the Journey." Don't miss it!

Signposts on the Road to Wellville


From Silent is the Magpie:

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