What others are saying about Air Mask

What others are saying about


"Write with Me is the second journaling book by popular author Vanita Oelschalger. It’s focus is recovery from divorce and other life trials, as
well as illnesses of mind and soul. Includes lush photography, helpful prompts and inspirational quotes from noteworthy authors, mystics
and humanitarians." 5/5

– NetGalley Reviewer 

"I was allowed to view this as an e file via Netgalley. For that reason I could not actually write in the book, but did use  it as inspiration.  The photos are vivid and stimulating.  While there is no specific order or organization to the quotes offered, this would make a nice gift for the regular journaling writer.

"Quotes range from inspirational and motivational to silly and fun. Some to think about and others just to smile at and enjoy."

– NetGalley Reviewer

"Lovely prints on the pages with reliable and thought provoking quotes on each.  Three to four pages really reached out grabbed me and had me reflecting on a current issue I am trying to work through.  A digital copy does not do the book justice, a print copy is definitely the best way to get the full impact of the book."

– NetGalley Bookseller

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What others are saying about Silent Is The Magpie

What others are saying about

SIGNPOSTS on the Road to Wellville

What others are saying about

Write With Me to Keep What Matters IN Mind

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When I first read the poems of Air Mask, I was taken by their simple, plainspoken, sometimes brutal, honesty. Vanita has been many people in her life... daughter, woman, wife, mother, teacher, friend, benefactor and, here, caregiver. It is in this latter capacity you see all the others brought forward and introduced through her poetry.

Air Mask is particularly fitting as the title poem. The caregiver must indeed make sure she or he is getting enough oxygen before trying to help anyone else.

Vanita asks us to understand a little more about the life of a caregiver. The burden of trying to provide for another’s most basic human needs often leaves many of them gasping for air. Yet most forge ahead, putting on a brave face - a mask - for the rest of the world to see, including the one needing, and getting, the care.

Vanita has lifted the mask. With the strength that perhaps only others who have experienced life as she has known. The strength of an overarching love transcending the pains, illnesses, fears and sheer weariness that often define the life of a caregiver.

We can only be thankful that she has.
Kurt Landefeld

"I am so grateful to have received this ARC from NetGalley. I will be watching for this journal to come out in print so that I can buy a personal copy and repeatedly linger over the beautiful nature shots with inspirational quotes. The title comes from the famous Robert Frost poem which ends by saying “and I have miles to go before I sleep.”
The book starts by reminding the reader that for those of us over 60 many of our happiest years are still ahead if we open ourselves to the idea. Every other page is a beautiful photo with an inspirational quote. The next page is a lined blank page for collecting one’s own thoughts. The quotes are by such famous people as Winston Churchill, Maya Angelo, Rumi, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Joel Osteen, Jimmy Carter, Eleanor Roosevelt, and some quotes by unknown speakers.   

"Some of my favorite quotes are: Hurt people, hurt people. Remain teachable. Don’t try to fix things with the same brain that broke them. and I didn’t come this far just to come this far.   

"I would recommend this journal to others at the stage of their life in which they are ready to take a minute and reflect on the beauty in it and go forth for adventure."

– NetGalley Reviewer 

"This is  an illustrated journal and not a typical book. There are alternating pages of illustrations with quotes about life and aging and lined journal paper. This might be a good gift book for someone retiring from full time employment or hitting a milestone birthday such as 40, 50 or 60. 

"I received a complementary review copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review." 

– NetGalley Reviewer

“I have been honored to witness Vanita’s amazing growth as a writer. Her children’s books have won a dedicated nationwide following. Silent Is The Magpie is, by turns, touching and thrilling and, finally, inspiring. To women of a certain age, they will read this and when finished say, ‘I want to meet Jamie Barlow!’ 

“They will also realize that we truly never stop growing and learning, and then saying to the world with both feet firmly planted on the ground: ‘This is who I am.’ Hurrah for Jamie! Hurrah for us!”

Carolyn S. Brodie, PhD
Reinberger Children’s Library Center & Marantz Picturebook Collection Director
Virginia Hamilton Conference Director

Our stories do not stop at one generation. Silent is the Magpie is the debut novel from Vanita Oelschlager, who is a proven and popular children's author. Following the journey of Jamie Barlow as she takes on what means to be a woman, Silent is the Magpie is a read that will glue readers to the page and keep the pages turning.

James A. Cox
Small Press Bookwatch: May 2012
Midwest Book Review

"A moving and elegantly simple testimonial to the beauty of the human spirit transformed through adversity and hope."

Joseph D. Varley M.D. 

Chairman, Department of Psychiatry Program Director, Summa/NEOMED Psychiatry Residency Program

"From the thoughtful appointments and surprises, to the support and challenge, Signposts on the Road to Wellville feels good in your hands. Each page holds words of uncluttered wisdom and evocative imagery. It shows the simple wisdom of giving your self the time and the space to grow and the nourishment to heal.  Signposts stands alone, thoughtfully assembled and beautifully rendered. This journal can help you find the beauty of the day; of each day lived going forward, not going back."

Paul Royer

RN, LMT and Reiki Master and Trainer

"What a beautiful journal. Each photo is a work of art and the phrases that accompany each photo are words that can lift you up and crack you open. Read through this beautiful book over and over. I really believe even if you write everyday, you will find insight for life."

Nancy Chalk

Librarian NetGalley Reviewer

"Signposts on the Road to Wellville by Vanita Oelschlager is a journal that helps one on the road to recovery. This journal is filled with wonderful quotes and pictures. It will help you with your recovery and give you personal insight.
I think this is a good little book and recommend it. I think it could be useful to use in recovery from many things both physical and emotional. I don’t think I would purchase the ebook of this as being it’s a journal it’s probably better to have a hard copy to write in."

Rose Pettit

NetGalley Reviewer